Suanesha [Swan-eesha] is a Jamaican-Canadian singer, songwriter residing in southern Ontario. She is passionate and excited about sharing fun, encouraging and inspirational music. She started singing at an early age and continued to grow into a songwriter, finding it much easier to communicate emotions and experiences through songs. She debuted as a solo artist in 2016 with the release of her first EP - Soar which features singles ‘Best of It’ and ‘Soar as Eagles’. She most recently released her first single ‘Trust You’ from her newest album MELODY. 

She has a vibrant presence in Canadian Christian music and can be seen singing ‘O Canada’ as well as a Canadian rendition of the infamous song, ‘The Blessing’ with fellow Christian artists across Canada.

Suanesha believes that music was created by God for our enjoyment and as a means of worshiping and honoring Him, the Giver of amazing Gifts. 
Some musical influences range from gospel artists Tasha Cobbs, Kirk Franklyn and Tye Tribett to contemporary Christian artists such as, Blanca, Mandisa and For King and Country.





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